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Beautiful beauty of Van Boi beach on Cat Ba island is a hidden beauty to impress guests by the natural scenery of mountains, rocks and forests surrounding natural nature brings a beautiful space, fresh air and sea bathing spots, perfect coral reef and great relaxation.

Situated on a small island opposite Tortoise Island, Van Boi Beach brings to visitors a first impression when coming here is the clear blue water that can see the bottom with the same. colorful coral hidden under each wave. Besides, Van Boi Beach with fine white sand, clear water, and extremely deserted is a great place to relax, for visitors to enjoy the peaceful, gentle.

The depth of Van Boi beach is quite shallow, and the waves are quiet, not as noisy as Cat Co beach so this is a good point to dive the coral and visitors can spoiled swimming in the water. cool in clear. In addition to being bathing, diving and watching the beauty of coral, visitors can also admire and feel the natural landscape, tranquility created by the surrounding cliffs, with the mountains knitting. Harmony with the nature of green trees stretches the visitors here as separated from the modern world, noisy, bustling outside to enter a peaceful paradise, dispel the tired, tired Straightforwardness of life to let loose his body into fresh breeze, cool.

Start a new and relaxed day, you can go to the beach afterwards to admire the moment of dawn glowing, sunshine yellowing and smoothing down the rocks underground or you can stroll through the opposite turtle island. And when the afternoons come, you lie down on the sand watching the sunset fall to a red sky and looking up clouds of clouds drifting or closed eyes with peace, a feeling like heaven natural way to a strangely calm.

On the way to Lan Ha Bay, visitors to Van Boi Beach where there is no Internet, no TV, no life bustle, .. completely close to nature and completely left the modern life To relax, to slow down or to have a fun activity when kayaking floating on the boat in the middle of the sea, spying through the canyons and sightseeing the majestic mountains. to give you an unforgettable impression.

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