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About 13km from center of Cat Ba town (Hai Phong city), Medical Military Cave located in the middle of Khe Sau area, Tran Chau commune, in Cat Ba National Park. The entrance of the cave is located at the back of the mountain side, with gentle trails, the two sides are forest trees that make visitors immersed in the nature between the scenery of the national park. The cave has a special structure with stalactites and limestone mountains formed by sediment. Besides the sparkling stalactites of the gift, together with the light in the cave, create space mystery, romance.

Previously, the Medical Military Cave named Hung Son, under the name of a Tran general to join the battle on the historic Bach Dang River, who found the cave. In the 60's, the cave was built as a hospital to provide medical treatment for wounded soldiers, shelters, bomb shelters of local residents and evacuees from Bach Long Island. Vy. The hospital can accommodate more than 100 wounded soldiers. In addition to the 17 rooms and functional rooms, there are also swimming pools, movie studios and gymnasiums in the cave.

Through the ups and downs of history, up to now, the structure of Medical Military Cave is still quite intact. The building is enclosed in a military cage, reinforced with reinforced concrete, the length between the two caverns is about 200m, the design includes the front door adjacent to the west, the back door contiguous to the east. Through three thick doors from the back of the cave entrance to the hospital with 3 floors. In particular, the first floor is the main area of ​​14 functional rooms as: operating room, waiting room, drug room ... The second floor is the area for film and training, physical examination. The third floor is the reception hall, the guard room and the officer's room. Particularly a wartime hospital, the Medical Military Cave is also equipped with a system of roads, drainage system, ventilation system ... very perfect. In the cavern there are still traces of wood stuck to the wall of the medicine cabinet, emergency exit from the 3rd floor to the first floor to escape to the back door is hidden behind the large stalactites on the back of Mountain. The military garrison signifies the scale of wartime construction of a large hospital with adequate facilities and healing area for hundreds of people.

In recent years, cave tourism in Cat Ba is becoming a product attracting more and more visitors. The cave system along with ecological tours, community, mountain climbing ... in Viet Hai, Tran Chau, Xuan Dam ... are practically contributing to overcome the seasonality of Cat Ba tourism. Especially, with the historical values ​​and architectural values ​​created by the combination of nature and human hands, Quan y is becoming an attractive place in the travel to Cat Ba Island.

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